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Best strobe light for smoke detectors

What is a good option for people that have little or no hearing when it comes to smoke detection? When searching in New Zealand I have seen detectors that cost up to $400 when converted to USD. ...
Posted at 09/03/2019 23:35:23 UTC 0 comments

How people can communicate when they cannot talk

In this article I will discuss the ways that people can communicate when they cannot talk. The importance of communication If people don't communicate with others frequently it is not good for ...
Posted at 05/08/2018 23:33:58 UTC 0 comments

Portable ramps for wheelchairs

Making your business or place accessible for people that use wheelchairs does not have to cost as much as you think. If your location has a lip or a few steps you can get a cheap portable wheelchair...
Posted at 13/06/2018 04:59:52 UTC 0 comments

Taxis and accessible vehicles

People with disabilities are more likely to use public transport and taxis as some can't drive or don't have the money to own a vehicle. It is therefore essential that public transport is accessible...
Posted at 25/04/2018 05:34:10 UTC 1 comment

How to make a hotel accessible

This guide is aimed at hotels but it can be used for any type of accommodation such as motels and rest-homes. To cater to people with disabilities you first need to make sure that people that use...
Posted at 23/02/2018 21:48:23 UTC 0 comments

Legal accessibility

The legal system should be accessible for all but there are several barriers which get in the way. The first is cost and this is not universal unique to the disability community. Good legal advice and...
Posted at 05/05/2017 22:56:43 UTC 0 comments

Finding accommodation

Finding accommodation can be difficult for people with disabilities. Governments have social housing but you have to be the poorest of the poor to qualify. I imagine it is the same with council ho...
Posted at 10/12/2016 21:29:00 UTC 0 comments

Accessible Websites

Accessibility is not always physical barriers. The internet has become more relevant to everyday life and specifically to business. It is essential that your website is accessible otherwise you ma...
Posted at 19/04/2016 02:22:00 UTC 0 comments

Accessible businesses

Accessibility is important and it even more important if you are a business owner or manage an organization. Ensuring that your business is accessible to all will help you reach the maximum number o...
Posted at 02/02/2016 22:09:41 UTC 0 comments

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