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The benefits of the internet

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The internet opens up a world of possibilities for people with disabilities. People who can't speak suddenly can communicate all over the world. People that are not as mobile have unlimited information to explore.

Some people argue that the internet should be a human right. If you cannot talk or have difficulties communicating and use the internet primarily to communicate it could be even more important.

Some people rely on it to do business and jobs which can affect their ability to live. If they rely on the internet to communicate with customers over Email and don't have access for a few days this could be a problem.

I am not arguing for all public spaces to have WiFi from experience hotels don't the best internet access and needs to change. Read more about hotel accessibility.

Some people also shop online and this can be a good option for people with mobility issues; one of my friends uses the Click-And-Collect feature to order food which means she doesn't go around the supermarket and can just pick up the bags.

Life is easier with access to information. You can better check if places are accessible before you go. Other people that have disabilities can even give you tips beforehand. If somewhere has particular access issues you can band together to push together for change at local venues. This is the basic economic rule of supply and demand. If enough people demand something, it has more chance of being done.

It gives groups of people such as those with disabilities an opportunity to work together and network. This gives us additional power if used correctly. It also means that you can be confined to a bed and parti

The internet is not fully accessible but life is better with it. If you own a website; read more about how to make websites accessible.

This page was originally published at 27/10/2017 23:11:45 UTC

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