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Accessibility is not always physical barriers. The internet has become more relevant to everyday life and specifically to business. It is essential that your website is accessible otherwise you may miss out on buyers, subscribers or readers. You can find tips on building accessible website below

I don't use WordPress but understand they follow the W3C accessibility standards so it is probably a good platform to use. However if you're like me and prefer to code your own sites then the guide on this site will hopefully serve you well.

Accessible Search Engine Optimization

An accessible website can also help with search engine optimization or SEO for short. SEO on Google lately has given priority to algorithms that detect if people like your site and if after they clicked your search result they then go back to Google to click another result this can hurt your website's rankings. They are less likely to bounce back to Google if your website loads fast and is accessible.

The accessibility of your website can affect your ability to get links. Some people will not link to your site if it is inaccessible.

Different content for different people

People consume content differently. Some people may enjoy blogs and some may prefer a YouTube video or a slideshow. You don't have to do everything but if you choose to have your content available on multiple websites this can help with increasing awareness of your brand.

If you are doing different forms of content on multiple websites you may want to provide links to the different types. This could help people find the content in their desired form. Some people in the SEO industry think that linking to your content from these places would have benefits because of the backlink but I think that such backlinks would not be powerful enough to make a difference in most cases.

If you have captions and alt text it could be a bad idea to makes them the same as screen readers will read out both. Try to make them different.

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