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A music video playing on a tablet. The screen has a firery background with someone playing a violin.

We have compiled some great music videos that have people with disabilities in them.

Music videos that contain people with disabilities

Viktoria Modesta - Prototype

Viktoria Modesta is a Russian singer with one foot.

Sean Forbes - I'm Deaf

Sean Forbes is a deaf rapper. He has a few other music videos too.

Delta Spirit - What's Done Is Done

The music video for the rock song What's Done Is Done has two actors with Downs Syndrome in it.

Shawn Crutch 900 Bands

Shawn Crutch is a rapper who has Cerebral Palsy. He has a few music videos.

Philip Patston - As Love Draws Near

Philip Patston is a social entrepreneur from New Zealand, and they have a few music videos. They have six songs. They're not currently active in the music industry.

James Ian - Spaces

This music video has people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy in it, including the singer James Ian.

Fire In the Rain

This song tells people to look beyond someone's disability and it has vocalists with disabilities in it.

You can also search YouTube for a music video called "I Am Me, Not My Disability". We haven't included it as we believe that the song is very poorly produced.

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber - Stuck with U

This video has clips of ordinary people, at least one of them is in a wheelchair.

One Direction - Steal My Girl

This video features Danny Devito, he has a short stature. He's playing himself as a director in it.

Camo MC - Drum And Bass

This video has a dancer with a disability. Look for the scene with dancing in a classroom.

Singers with disabilities

You could find more music videos by searching YouTube for singers with disabilities. You can check out our list of Singers with disabilities.

Representation done correctly

Great representation in our opinion would just be a person with a disability as a regular dancer or performer in the video.

Representation done poorly

People who have short stature have been in music videos for the purposes of providing comic relief. This practice could be considered exploitive so we haven't included them. The One Direction song seemed different, so we included that.

Some other music videos give off a "pity these people" vibe, and we haven't included them.

How to get in music videos

Some local musicians may do music videos from time to time. It's worthwhile asking if you can be in them.

You could also become a musician, DJ or rapper and appear in your own music videos. Music videos can be expensive to create, but you may be able to get them funded.

You could also just dance to existing music and film videos for YouTube For more information on getting on YouTube, see our article YouTube and online video.

If you get a green screen, and learn how to edit video, then you could produce video relatively cheaply.

Why representation in music videos is worthwhile

Music videos can be popular. Some may go viral.

They're also easy for people to watch as most are under five minutes.

It's usually great to get in any form of media.

Thanks for reading

I hope that you have enjoyed the music video that we have shared.

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