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If you need ideas on which jobs are best suited for people with disabilities then this page can help.

We have ideas for businesses you could start, regular jobs you could apply for or freelance work.

Not all options will be accessible to everyone. Hopefully we have a provided a variety of options and at least one may be suitable for you.

Business owner

It's possible to start a business with little capital. You could turn some of the below ideas into businesses but the possibilities are endless.

You may be able to get free business mentoring. Check what is available in your country.

Chief Executive/Executive Director

You could raise funds and start a Non-Governmental Organization. Alternatively you could be one for an organization that already exists but you would need the appropriate experience to do this.

Website operator

You can create one website or a portfolio of websites. Websites typically need time to grow so I wouldn't do this if you need money fast. See my experience with creating websites.

It's possible to manage websites for others if you prefer.


You could learn a skill and do freelance work. Some skills that you could learn are programming, designing and article writing. Popular freelance websites are and

You could just do voice overs for freelance work. You would need a quiet place to record and a good microphone.


You could be an assistant for someone. Some people need more of a secretary type assistant and others need an assistant to do specific jobs.

Social Media Marketer

You could manage social manager accounts for businesses. Graphics design skills could be useful in this job.

It's possible to do this solo but working for an agency could be an option.


This stands for search engine optimizer and you would be making sure that websites rank in search engines such as Google. You could work with an agency or do this by yourself.


You may be able to buy items at online market places or garage sales and sell them again at higher prices. You may not be likely to gain an adequate income doing this.

Another option could be ordering items in bulk and reselling them. You will need to find the right products and have appropriate capital.

Some people also flip websites but you need to know what you're doing otherwise you could lose money.

Public speaker

If you want to inspire people then a career as a public speaker could be for you. You may want to combine this with another career such as writing books.See my experience with public speaking.

Stand up comedian

If you are funny and can get good at speaking in public you could be a comedian. See my experience with stand up comedy.


You listen to audio and write down the words that you hear to form an audio transcription. It'll be worthwhile if you learn different languages as you could make more money per word.


You additionally translate writing if you know multiple languages.


If you're willing to learn an instrument or train your voice then a career as a musician could be a possibility.

Radio presenter

If studios are accessible you could be a radio presenter. Recording a radio show at your house could be possible too.

YouTuber/Online personality

Many people make a living off YouTube. This may not be easy but it's possible if you do the right things and stick with it.

Online influencer

While this is similar to online personality you can be an online influencer without showing your face. You could just post pictures and be an Instagram influencer. This may take time and you may need at least two hundred thousand followers to make a reliable income.


Writing comes in many forms. Book writing may be an option or you could write articles.

You could self publish books or get a writer. See my experience as an author.

Freelance article writing work can be found on or

Speech writer

Many politicians need speech writers. If you know of some politicians or candidates for office you could ask if they need someone to write their speeches.


It's possible that a news organization may hire you as a journalist. You don't need to a field journalist either. You could also be an independent journalist but you may need to do some sort of crowd funding.


People with physical disabilities can be politicians. You'll probably need to raise funds and have good communication skills.


A person in a wheelchair could sell small items if their wheelchair has a tray. I did this as a teenager. You could work with someone at a market.

Community Representative

There may be community organizations that need people to represent their local community.

Board member

Organizations may need board members and some will pay them. This may require you to travel.


You could supervise other people at their job. The work place would need to be accessible and safe.

Call Center Agent

This job involves answering phones or calling people. You need to be a good communicator and a thick skin might also be useful. Depending on the employer they might be able to let you do this from home.

Customer Service Representative

This would involve answering phones, Emails or chats about a product or service. This job may require patience and good communication skills.


While this is out of reach for most people with disabilities if you suddenly have some major capital you could become an investor.

In my opinion an index fund of stocks would be the easiest investment and fairly stable. This isn't financial advice; I am not licensed to give financial advice.

Thanks for reading

I hope that I have given you some ideas for your new career.

Keep in mind that some options such as operating a business or a career in the arts may take time to build up.

Alternatively there may be jobs with your government. You can also try contacting your local disability organization to see if they have a suitable position.

This page was originally published at 05/09/2020 02:41:43 UTC

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