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The future must be accessible

Smart Phone with accessibility images inside the screen
Phone on side held by a hand. The screen is blue with white symbols that represent wheelchair, blind and hard of hearing.

I was sitting at McDonalds and I wondered how people with blindness can use the automated ordering Kiosk; they probably can't. The future must be accessible to the maximum number of people. If this is not the case it is a wasted opportunity.

It would be cheaper to integrate accessibility in the start of your project but if the technology is in the testing phase you can program it later while asking what the accessibility issues are. Ensure your project is tested by people with a wide range of disabilities.

It is important to be as cross platform as possible when you create software/apps/websites. For websites specifically if you use things like flash or javascript/JQuery consider creating a plain text and image only version too. Click here for more website accessibility tips.

Future technologies must be accessible otherwise people will be left behind. If your competitors are accessible and you are not idea it could be you that is left behind.

This page was originally published at 16/05/2017 23:01:34 UTC

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