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Music therapy

People that will bring music therapy to the world
Future music therapists that were taught by Dr Daphne Rickson.

Music therapy can be a way to get more people involved with music. It comes in various forms.

The objective can be as simple as letting people listen to music or teaching people to read music. The types of activity can depend on the abilities of the client.

For people who cannot talk and by extension sing they can still learn to play an instrument or create music on a computer. I believe that performing may also help to build conference and that could be helpful in other aspects of their life.

If they are not keen to learn music in depth they can hit a drum or just listen to music.

Since most therapists take groups of children this can possibly help the participants with cooperation skills and relating to each other.

Individuals can possibly find new ways to express themselves and I think that this could improve their communication skills. Since many people like music I imagine that introducing people to different styles and bands can assist people with their social life too.

Music can serve as an interest and this can potentially help a person with maintaining attention since I think that you're more likely to focus on something if you're interested in it. Additionally music can help sensory processing and timing.

Some music therapists collaborate with teachers to better support their students.

Being involved in music therapy can allow you to bring joy into people's life and inspire them.

Music can create new experiences for people and lead to job opportunities. Examples of this include a person becoming a singer or a member of a band.

Music can stay with someone their entire life. I personally have gone to about 40 concerts and I have brought music production software.

I have also appeared in a music video as a dancer.

My experiences with music therapy

I had access to a music therapist in primary school.

It opened up new opportunities for me. This includes learning to use a device which was called Sound Beam and it allowed me to make music by putting my hand in different positions. I did a presentation on this at Lincoln University.

Before this I learned the basics of how to read music and played notes on a custom made keyboard. Some of the songs had lyrics that were unique to me. I found the knowledge useful later in intermediate/middle school when the other kids were learning music.

I also learned to make music on a computer. I wish that I continued doing this when my access to a music therapist ended.

In groups we were able to dance around the room by therapists moving our chairs.

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