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Lolita Milena interview

Lolita Milena
Lolita Milena with a dark red top. This photo has a dark blue background.

Lolita Milena is an author and actress.

Why did you start writing novels?

I had so many stories trapped in my mind for as long as my memory can travel back. So, once I learned how to write, I couldn’t put down the pencil. Were the stories any good? No, not for quite some time. I like to think they’ve improved.

Why do you like to write the genre you do?

Horror is my passion. I do fancy a mind blowing thriller. However, anything to get either the brain thinking long after the book is shut; or a story that chills the blood.

How many times do you generally rewrite sections of your books?

My method does not lie in rewrites. My technique to planning a story is wheeling back and forth in my home. I will act (the chapter) out in my mind for hours until I’m satisfied with the flow of that information before I write it all down.

How do you come up with ideas for your books?

The majority of my stories come from dreams. I’m very fortunate to have a mind that will tell me the plot of my dream with a solid beginning, middle, and end. A new film each night to wind down.

How do you promote your books?

I try to promote via my social medias since I am a self published author.

Do you get writer's block? If you do, how do you deal with it??

I’m currently in a block as we speak. I honestly just let it go through the motions. If I try to rush or force a plot, I won’t be nearly as content with the material. As they say, the best things are worth the wait; even if there’s a typo or two.

What's your favorite part of acting in plays?

Bringing the print to life. Many scripts have no feeling until the words are spoken into the environment. I find it to be a form of magic in its own and intriguing right.

Was it easy to get initial roles?

Heavens no. My situation is a curious one. While I do not receive roles to read for as often as my peers, the ones sent my way are larger roles. It’s a two sided coin for sure.

Have you ever toured with a play?

I almost did. I had been the top pick for Arizona’s main theatre company for a traveling show. Due to constraints however, it did not fall through.

What is your favourite part of acting in screen productions?

The same as when on the stage. I love the sense of being this character someone created. To give them life, emotions, and purpose even if it’s just for 60 to 90 minutes.

What do you think of characters in wheelchairs that magically start walking? Does this deny people like you roles?

Truly, it depends on the script and the company backing it. Some studios I know simply could not afford to hire a non ambulatory actor for a role in which they can dance the tango by the end. However, I believe if the means to accomplish it are there; it should be most high considered.

What kind of screen roles in future would you want to get?

I think playing a villain would be fun. They never suspect the paraplegic.

Wat would make the acting industry more accessible for people with disabilities?

I can only say; hire the best person for the job. To really read what is required of the character and really search for that best match. Also, just chat with disabled actors. For the most part, we are very open to questions and options for adaptation on our end.

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