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DJ Palsy P
DJ Palsy P outside.

Below is a list of DJs with disabilities.

DJ Palsy P

Palsy P has Cerebral Palsy and primarily uses his left foot to operate his DJ gear. He also has programming and web developer skills. He's from the United Kingdom.

Robbie Wilde

Robbie Wilde is a DJ who happens to be Deaf. He has played in world-famous clubs in New York and New Jersey. He also appears in the documentary Before We Were Kings.

Pascal Kleiman

DJ Pascal Kleiman was born without arms and operates equipment with his feet.

He's based in Spain but was born in France. He has been DJing since 1989.

Matt Howes

Norwich DJ Matt Howes lost his right arm in a moped accident. He was back DJing after two weeks. He's also a charity ambassador.

DJ Touchtone

DJ Touchstone is from Philadelphia. He describes himself as the "World's #1 blind DJ". He is a radio DJ and also plays in clubs.

DJ Ectic

Ectic cannot use his arms or legs. He uses his face to DJ. He mainly plays Bounce but also has been successful in Electro House and Jackin. He has been featured on platinum albums including Clubland.

David Anderson

David Anderson was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. He managed to get technology to DJ a New Years Eve party using only his eyes.

DJ Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee is based in South Africa and his left arm is paralyzed due to a taxi accident. He has released many albums.

He has won many awards including Male Artist of the Year at the South African Music Awards in 2018.


Julian Michael Scanlan known by his stage name Slushii, is an American musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He released his first album in 2017.

Julian is Autistic.

DJ Hookie

DJ Hookie is a quadruple amputee and has hooks for hands. He has a dark sense of humor.

His real name is Tom Nash and he has done a TedX talk. He's Australian.

DJ Wiwa

DJ Wiwa has Cerebral Palsy and lives in Kenya. In 2018 she took a DJ course.

She didn't expect people to be inspired by her, but is glad that they are.

DJ Jake Wild

DJ Jake Wild
DJ Jake at the decks.

Rupesh Robert is known as DJ Jake Wild. He was born Osteogenesis imperfecta or the brittle bone disease. He lives in India.

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