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Our site aims to bring practical solutions to the disability community focusing on issues such as technology, accessibility, inequality, rights, wrongs and more. Contact us if you want to write for us. We're also interested in working on technology and screen projects. While we get the article section up, check out the below offer.

Though Amazon you can buy fantastic books by Thane Pullan who is known as the Grumpy Cripple. He's a comedian that programmed his own software that he uses for stand up comedy. If you're in New Zealand please contact us to order the books directly. (You'll save on shipping.)

Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple: Volume 1 focuses on people who patronize, media, abuse of people with disabilities, thoughts on political advocacy and more.

Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple: Volume 2 has tips for carers and dealing with carers. It even has thoughts on care robots. Traveling and immigration is also discussed. There are quite a number of other topics including dark topics such as depression and isolation but also lighter topics such as comedy and being a celebrity. The author covers things from a factual point of view and likes to explain the psychology behind behaviors.

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