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Finding accommodation

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Finding accommodation can be difficult for people with disabilities. Governments have social housing but you have to be the poorest of the poor to qualify. I imagine it is the same with council housing. If you are reasonably well off you have to go private or into residential care. From my understanding there are other social housing options as that many serve as alternatives.

I have been told that private landlords don't like wheelchairs on the carpet or possible holes in the wall. Plus if they ask you to leave it could be a major problem due to there being limited options. The solution may be to get a longer term lease and offer to pay expenses. You could probably do this with a group of people to lessen expense. Either choose partners less likely to hit walls or get a contract saying they are responsible for the damage. I would suggest that you do the latter, or both.

If you are on a single income it could be difficult to buy a house and if you are on a benefit practically impossible. Even if you have a job it probably will not pay enough to get you on the property ladder. Therefore the standard dream of owning your own home is almost impossible for people that have a disability.

There are additional factors beyond costs. One is transport. If you live too far away from a main city centre or shopping mall this could a problem. Another factor are paths or hills in your area if you have mobilty issues. If there are limited options you may have to put up with it.

Finding accommodation is not easy and good solution can be difficult to achieve. To ensure minimal stress you may have to make your solution as long term as possible.

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